We are pleased to have released another small physics game on Android this week!

Zappuzzle comes with a number of levels of increasing difficulty (some being VERY difficult). Simply shoot the laser at the atom – sounds easy doesn’t it?

Use the movable reflectors to bounce the laser beam where you want it to go – either into the atom or maybe off of an unmovable reflector. Use the laser-splitter to generate two beams, allowing you to hit more atoms. Higher levels increase the complexity with a need to split the laser beam as well acombination of splitting the laser beam as well as rearranging the barriers to ensure the reflections occur where you want them to… of course there are always the fixed barriers which you can’t move just to try and hinder you! What makes it even more interesting is that many of the levels have multiple solutions, allowing you to find different ways of beating the level!


At the moment there are 50 levels for you to try! See how far you can get! (I’m still struggling through level 12 as we speak!). More levels will be coming soon – and we are also looking at releasing a level-builder for it so you can even create your own levels and challenges!

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