A Picture

Look! Here is a nice fancy default WordPress picture that makes you think we are doing something techy. Reality is more boring – we are probably doing something dull and un-interesting – or at best we may have gone out and got a coffee….. if your really good we’ll get you one as well……

…. also, look at that picture? Would you want to work with two people who have to align their mobile phones with each other on the desk? I mean, my desk is a mess – papers everywhere, old coffee cups, odd cables & fittings. I mean THATS a real desk…. (yes I know the picture is actually a kitchen dining table, but that takes the fun out of the rant!)

Meet the Team – Ahm  yes, Team… there’s no “I” in team…  believe that and you’ll believe anything… after all, there’s no “u” in redundant… oh.. yes, well I got that wrong didnt I?

Here we are supposed to tell you how wonderful we are and why everything we do looks rosy and wonderful. Reality check – what makes the roses grow????? Figure it out people….

the brain large


Old Guy & Wallet Opener

After 30 years of being a corporate drone David finally took the plunge and set up his own gaming company. When not working David spends his time on Stellaris & Civ 6, much to the annoyance of his wife. His aim in life is to never grow up and/or live to some hideously old age just so he can annoy everyone younger than himself.



AR/VR & Coding

Josh is a recent graduate in gaming which is good as he doesn’t really do anything else – except make a mean coffee. When Josh isn’t coding he tends to spend his time playing Dota 2.



Techy stuff

Adam fix’s things. He even tried to fix our broken musical Santa. When not fixing things Adam spends nearly all his time playing in a band or playing Rocket League. He also makes really cool guitar pedals.



Creative Writer

Gary is just a random guy that turned up at the office and has refused to leave. Its all a bit embarrassing really. We really will have to tell him one day that we dont know who he is or why he is here….. but until then he can keep coming up with scary game ideas!