Friday night was Games Night

Well last Friday night we had our inaugural games night at Jagged Games – and it was a roaring success!

In fact it was such a success our wives has asked if we can have them more often so that they get peace at home (and control of the TV remote)!

Adam brought along his “Ticket to Ride Europe”. Initial dubious thoughts were soon dispelled once we got into the game and realised the challenges that the game introduces. Needless to say, as it was all out first time with this game we all made mistakes, but we were amazed that at the end there were only a couple of points between first and third place (and of course I won!)!

If you haven’t played this board game before, we would highly recommend it – with a group playing it becomes very challenging – and we will certainly be having another game of this soon.

David recovered his prestige from his humiliating defeat at Ticket to Ride Europe (5th/last place) by bringing in his C64 emulator! The emulator has been built to look just like the C64 of old – but with HDMI and USB ports to enable connectivity. Sadly the keyboard is simply a feature and doesnt work – you need to plug in a USB keyboard – and the whole thing is considerably smaller than the real machine. The C64 emulator (pictured) contains a surprising number of the old games and brought back a huge amount of memories and was followed by some frantic hammering of the joystick (on the winter games Adam was especially able to demonstrate his skill in crashing the bob-sleigh every time). Liam (our youngest protégé) stood with slack-jawed amazement as he had never seen anything like the C64 before!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, in the background of this picture you may be able to spot some of our office “essential” items such as – a 60’s copy of “Analog“, a copy of “Miss Felicity Beedle’s The World Of Poo” and “Paranoia” RPG (1987, 2nd edition) amongst others. After all – what more could any office need?

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